2022 Illinois Child Passenger Safety Week

Secure your child’s future...choose the right seat



The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sponsors Child Passenger Safety Week to ensure that children are in the right seat installed correctly. Guidelines include choosing the proper safety seat based on the child’s height and weight, properly installing and using the seat, and registering the seat with the manufacturer to ensure receipt of important safety updates such as product recalls.

In Illinois, children must be restrained in an appropriate car or booster seat until age 8 and in a rear-facing seat until age 2. NHTSA recommends that children stay restrained in their car seats until they outgrow the height and weight limit set by the seat’s manufacturer. This often means keeping children in rear-facing seats beyond age 2 and boosters far beyond age 8.

Seat-Check Saturday, held Sept. 24, will include free car seat checks for parents and caregivers. During this free event, Child Passenger Safety Technicians will explain how to choose and use car seats, booster seats and seat belts correctly every time.

To find out if a technician is available near you, visit https://www.nhtsa.gov/equipment/car-seats-and-booster-seats#install-inspection.

CPS Week 2022 Flyer (English)

CPS Week 2022 Poster (English)

CPS Week 2022 Flyer (Spanish)

CPS Week 2022 Poster (Spanish)